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India Lewis  Verified Buyer
  (5 Stars)
*Black leather & opaque white with black swirl agate stone
Ladies open your purses and men hide your wallets. This lady is on FIRE!!
This piece turns heads. The leather is so soft and the stone is so smooth. The design is like no other. Quality craftsmanship and materials. Wonderful fit and finish. Ease of shopping and promptness of delivery. Design custom tailored to my personal taste. I can't wait to see what she comes up with next!
India L. Verified Buyer 

(5 Stars)
Never disappointed, always amazed at the craftsmanship and artistry!!!

Carlyn S. Verified Buyer  
(5 Stars)
*Black Cowhide Wristband
This wristband is impeccably made, so neat and beautiful! I LOVE it!! It is extremely versatile and can be worn casually or dressed up. It also came in an very timely fashion. I will definitely be ordering more bracelets in the near future!

Sarah E. Verified Buyer 10/01/16 (5 Stars) 
*Gray leather & Ocean Jasper wrist band
Beautifully made and shipped fast!

Monica H. Verified Buyer (5 Stars)
Great gift for a great gal.
This is the 5th bracelet I have purchased, but it is the first that I have given as a gift. This "Tree of Life" went to Nancy.

LOIS G. Verified Buyer (5 Stars)
*Leopard leather Black Agate gemstone
Business Owner
My bracelet is absolutely stunning!!

Sarah E.  Verified Buyer  (5 Stars)

*Black and Tan Leather with Green Agate Stone
It's perfect!! I want more!!

Adonica F.  Verified Buyer (5 Stars)
*Ocean Coral Piece
Love it. Goes great as an accessory piece with any outfit.

Cecilia Jefferson Verified Buyer (5 Stars)
*Soft Red Leather & Zebra Jasper Stone
I'm a collector of Angel Bands designed by Ragan. I absolutely Love them All! I don't leave the house without the protection and exquisite style of an Angel Band.

Christina S. Verified Buyer (5 Stars)
*Butterscotch Agate on Grey Leather band
Better than awesome!
I love my bracelet!! It is cooler and better than awesome!! I get lots of compliments!!

Christina S. Verified Buyer (5 Stars)
*Butterscotch Agate on Grey Leather band
Amazingly Beautiful!!!
I have several bands and this band is the most ax amazing of them all!! Thank you, Ragan!!

Cecilia J.  Verified Buyer (5 Stars)
All of the Angel Bands are beautifully crafted peices of Art. You can take your Band from a simple pair of jeans & tee, cocktail dress or even an Evening Gown. An Angel Band will add character to any outfit. I Love them All...I have a Georgeous collection that's a staple peice for any outfit I'm wearing.
#Blessed Angel Bands

Cecilia J.  Verified Buyer (5 Stars)
Khaki & Brown Leather & Opalite Stone
*Glowing Beauty
I Absolutely Love the contrast between the Blue Opalite Stone against the two beautiful leather colors. Adds opulence to any outfit! LOVE IT!!

Donna S.  Verified Buyer (5 Stars)
*Grey Leather & Pink Opalite Wrist Band
I love this piece! The
I love this piece! The gray leather is very neutral and feels good on, very comfortable and durable to wear with long sleeves. The grey and pink together is a beautiful and relaxing combo.

Cecilia J.  Verified Buyer (5 Stars)
*Tan Leather Wrist Cuff With Pink Agate Gemstone
Beauty in Pink!
Collector of Angel Bands. Love this one for the days I'm feeling delicate and Pink. Once you buy one Angel Band, you must get more!
Brilliant designs!!!!

Sarah E.  Verified Buyer (5 Stars)
*Zebra Cowhide Leather Gold Pyrite Gemstone
So unique and awesome!!